Guest Talk: Towards Exascale Computing in Neuroscience

21 June 2017
Begin time: 
FH Bielefeld, Hall E1

Software packages for describing neuronal networks at various scales of resolution are being developed, adopted and improved for the current and oncoming generation of large scale computing being installed. Prototypes of these new architectures are already available at Forschungszentrum Jülich, including "JULIA", a KNL based architecture, and "JURON", a Minsky architecture machine focused on GPU execution, while further new developments will appear in the next few years. New software development taking advantage of these highly vectorized resources will allow the simulation of larger systems and longer timescales while varying more parameters and collecting finer resolution data, but we are challenged by the hardware heterogeneity --- new approaches to software development are required.

In particular, I will be presenting the current HPC status of projects from the morphologically detailed scale (NestMC) to point neurons (NEST) up to neural mass models (The Virtual Brain). Significant improvements are currently under development for these architectures as well as greatly improved scaling which will allow neuroscientists to pose new questions regarding networks, models and data sets.