Guest Talk: Jürgen Leitner

25 November 2015
Begin time: 

Vision for Actions and Actions for Vision or: What Robotic Vision Brings to the Table

Dr. Jürgen Leitner is a postdoc at the QUT node of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV) working in the "Vision and Action" theme. His research focusses on the intersection of robotics, computer vision and machine learning. The aim is to create a robust eye-hand coordination for the (intelligent) object manipulation by complex robotic arm systems, such as humanoids. Current research areas include, visual based servo control for bimanual robots, improving visual perception by interacting with the environment and (deep) learning sensorimotor
mappings (for more details: ).

Dr. Leitner has been interested in how to enable some level of autonomy and cognitive capabilities in (humanoid) robots and would be interested in extending the interactions with neuroscientists and create robotic systems that can test some of their theories. Another interest lies in building modular (cube-satellite like) robotic
systems for both terrestrial and space applications (see the QUTLunaroo project at ).