Conflict, Control, Capacity, and Goals from Sensory Input to Action: Componential Explorations of Mind

07 May 2013
Begin time: 
UHG C01-148


In this talk I will present recent work illustrating our explorations of basic mechanisms of attention and control based on components of the event-related potential measured from the electroencephalogram. The experiments aim to elucidate the functional reflection of several
components, including the Ppc (positivity posterior contralateral, prior to N2pc), N2pc, SPCN, LRP, LAP (lateralized action potential), while also using more 'classic' components like the N1 and P3.  This approach enables us to track the modulating influences of attention and control on the flow of information in the processing pipeline engaged in several tasks.  The approach seeks to reveal fundamental properties of the cognitive architecture, including capacityn limitations, interactions between perception, attention, and memory, from sensation to action.