6th International Symposium on Autonomous Minirobots for Research and Edutainment (AMiRE)

23 May 2011 - 25 May 2011
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The 6th International Symposium on Autonomous Minirobots for Research and Edutainment (AMiRE) is to be held on 23-25 May 2011 at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld University, Germany, under the patronage of the Centre of Excellence in Cognitive Interaction Technology. The leading theme of the AMiRE series of symposia is that small and inexpensive research, educational and entertainment robots have been and continue to be an important driving force for advancing autonomous robot technology. Thanks to the advances in microelectronic technology such as high performance and low power microprocessors, FPGAs, wireless communications and low cost CMOS cameras,  such robots are capable of serving as test beds for animal behaviour cognitive research, prototypes of large robotics systems such as service or field robots, and as general research tools for  autonomous robotics.

Reminiscent of how desktop computers made computing accessible to almost everyone, autonomous minirobots make robotics research accessible to a much broader research community than was possible before. Autonomous minirobots also are an unique educational tool, not only because students from primary to tertiary level  find it  fun to play with them,  but also because autonomous minirobots are a microcosm of advanced embedded systems technology that permeates our technological culture.

Based on the success of its predecessors, the sixth AMiRE Symposium provides a forum for autonomous robotics research and technology development that, besides of small size and/or low cost, focuses on effective and ingenious ways of endowing resource constrained autonomous robots  with advanced cognitive abilities.
Efficient use of energy is an ongoing design goal for all types of mobile devices, and even more so in autonomous robots where available energy is a primary limiting factor to robot capabilities. Therefore achieving more with less energy is highly relevant.
Within this context AMiRE 2011 welcomes contributions on the fundamentals of minirobotic science and design, and application of minirobots in research, education and entertainment.
Submission on the following topics are especially encouraged:
Embedded Cognition
Bio-inspired Mechatronics
Minirobotic Platforms
Minirobot Competitions

To give the participants greater opportunity for collegial discussions AMiRE 2011, like  previous AMiRE symposia, will run as a single track symposium. All accepted papers will be Published by Springer Verlag in book form and will indexed in  SpringerLink.

The first robot soccer tournament according to the AMiREsot rules will be held during the symposium. AMiREsot is a robot soccer league for small size fully autonomous robots on a playfield that makes few special concession to the robots sensors (e.g. there is no global vision system). The AMiREsot rule are available for download from the AMiRE website.

Additional information can be found at the AMiRE website: http://www.amiresymposia.org/amire2011