Contribution to CITEC's Summerschool Series




Stream 3 - Structuring and Coordination Attention: Module 1 and 2

The modules aim at investigating the ways in which attention mechanisms develop within situated contexts and natural interactions. More specifically the focus lies in analyzing the ways in which young infants’ perception is educated through social interactions with their caregivers. It will introduce participants in working with natural interaction data. Using an existing corpus of video data, comprising longitudinal recordings of interactions of mothers with their preverbal infants, the participants will learn to use qualitative micro-analytical methods of interaction analysis to systematically describe the strategies that mothers use to recruit, maintain, direct and reward infants’ attention and the modalities involved in such attention educating practices. A further central question will be how this behavior is adapted to the evolving perceptual capacities of the infant, i.e. how it is modified as the infant develops.