For Students

We frequently offer interesting topics and supervision for bachelor, master theses and (ISY) projects. Our focus for student topics is here on applications of model-driven systems engineering concepts and technologies (i.e. Eclipse Modeling Framework, JetBrains MPS, ...), modeling for (robotics) simulation (for instance using Gazebo or Visual Components), system analysis or the development of integrated assistance systems with an emphasis on human-robot or human-machine interaction. We also offer topics for external master theses, which are carried out in collaboration with partners from industry. Please contact us via email, either to one of the team members or directly to Sebastian Wrede if you have questions or any ideas for a topic.

Recent examples of such topics are:

  • A Model-based Skill Architecture for the Kuka IIWA Compliant Robot
  • Path-Planning and Collision Avoidance for Redundant Robot Manipulators 
  • Force-based Manipulation Skills for an Industrial Assembly Scenario
  • Design and Implementation of a Business Process Monitoring Approach
  • Modeling of an Omnidirectional Robot in the Gazebo Simulator
  • ...

Open Positions

Furthermore, we are frequently looking for student workers in additional topics, supporting the development and realisation of our research as well as teaching activities. If you are interested please contact Sebastian Wrede.