Central Lab Facilities

CI Toolkit

CI Toolkit: Reproducible research is a critical challenge for robotics and interactive systems. Find out more about the CITK.

Virtual Reality Lab

The central lab features a new Virtual Reality environment that is now available for experimentation.

Research Apartment

The first sensors and actuators have been successfully tested in the cognitive service robotics apartment.


The RoboCup@Home team ToBI achieved a third place at the German Open and a forth place at RoboCup 2014.

About CLF

The CLF facilitates interdisciplinary research by supporting the re-use and accessibility of hardware and software, developing and maintaining research platforms, improving methods and tools for measuring interaction, and making research results sustainable.


5 Jul 2016 - 16:22
You want to know more about our participation and our victory at the ? Check out this link: https://t.co/92RIsEQTb2
3 Jul 2016 - 14:52
We made it! is now officially the BEST Service Robotics Team IN THE WORLD! https://t.co/80NmIm1zhq
3 Jul 2016 - 11:38
The points from yesterday just got updated and we increased our lead. Our performance at the finals starts at 12:30! https://t.co/gGuCH1ouIq
2 Jul 2016 - 21:00
Wow! After Stage 2 still takes FIRST PLACE in the RoboCup@HomeLeague. 921 points! https://t.co/HaUYDvuAEb
2 Jul 2016 - 14:54
We just finished the Open Challenge at . Our robot did a good job. Let's wait for the results! https://t.co/7VgxVXhtah