The Central Lab Facilities offer tutorials and classes to strengthen and support our scientists to get the best out of our different research platforms, scientific devices and to improve their skills in applying scientific and engineering methods. Through continuous education, starting with students in the bachelor and master programs, we are helping to raise junior scientists and bring them into first contacts with research projects. This often leads to contracts as student research assistants or theses where they bring their technical expertise into the interdisciplinary research projects.


We are offering a set of tutorials on different topics, which are given on request. Please contact us for more details and to schedule your tutorial.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Cognitive Interaction Toolkit
  • Robotic Service Bus (RSB)
  • Mobile Eye Tracking Measurements & Analysis

Regular courses as part of the bachelor and master education Winter Term (Oct-Feb)

  • 392013 Grundlagen der Projektentwicklung (V, Link ekvv)
  • 392014 Softwaremodellierung mit UML, Projektanalyse und – präsentation (S+Ü, Link ekvv)
  • 392203 RoboCup@Home – Aufgaben und Herausforderungen (S, Link ekvv)
  • 392204 RoboCup@Home (Pj, Link ekvv)
  • 392256 Vorlesung Virtuelle Realität (V, 2 SWS, Link ekvv)
  • 392256 Übungen Virtuelle Realität (Ü, 2 SWS, Link ekvv)
  • X Masterprojekte im Bereich Robotik und Virtuelle Realität

Summer Term (April-July)

  • 392011 Softwaregruppenprojekt (TdPE, Pj, Link ekvv)
  • 392167 RoboCup@Home (Pj, Link ekvv)
  • X Research oriented projects in the area of virtual and augmented reality. In these projects, a member of the CLF is joined by an interdisciplinary researcher from CITEC or from outside to supervise a group of advanced students.

Are you planning to conduct studies using virtual or augmented reality in the near future? With our research-oriented teaching projects in summer, you have the opportunity to get assistance by a group of students from the teaching module Virtual Reality under guidance by one of our staff members. This is a great opportunity for first pilots and to identify interesting student assitance or for the preparation of theses.