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The CLF facilitates interdisciplinary research by supporting the re-use and accessibility of hardware and software, developing and maintaining research platforms, improving methods and tools for measuring interaction, and making research results sustainable.

We research methods and processes to facilitate high-quality research for robots and human-machine interaction.
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About CLF

Sven Wachsmuth
Head of CLF

Room: 0.408
+49 521-106-2937


21 Jun 2018 - 21:38
It is done! takes first place in SSPL@home!
20 Jun 2018 - 17:19
In "Cocktailparty" the robot has to play a waiter and find persons who would like to order a drink. took… https://t.co/uWeAiaSixp
20 Jun 2018 - 15:22
RT : Andrang bei der Demonstration der Roboterhände. Auch guckt zu (ist aber leider zu klein, um über die Schult… https://t.co/XVlHha2FCp
20 Jun 2018 - 01:56
Stage 1 completed with a great "General Purpose Service Robot" for . https://t.co/zXsWkrYGvR