Our research in fields such as smart objects, smart environments and wearable electronics involves building, testing and iterating functional prototypes. To make this process efficient, quick and inexpensive, we developed the BRIX₂ toolkit. BRIX₂ is a modular system that consists of a base module and a variety of extension modules. With our toolkit, interactive sensor and actuator applications can be built without any soldering or wiring. BRIX₂ is Arduino compatible and can be programmed using the open source Arduino IDE. 

The BRIX₂ base module is equipped with a programmable microcontroller, a 9-DOF IMU, a wireless transceiver and an internal rechargeable battery. The constantly growing set of extension modules covers different sensors, actuators and interfaces. BRIX₂ is compact and robust and designed with special regards to wearable and mobile applications. The low entry barrier allows us to also use the system in educational contexts such as lectures and student projects.


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