Bachelor/Master Theses

Thank you for your interest in writing your thesis as a part of our group.
Things you should know beforehand:

  • All thesis can be written in German or English
  • If you are interested in a Master thesis but find a Bachelor topic very appealing (or vice versa), contact us and we will extend the topic or reduce the workload if possible.
  • You already have a project idea or you would like to slightly adjust one of the stated ideas? No problem! We like to hear your suggestions.

Project Proposals

Spatial Listening

Creating a 16-speaker system (hardware is available) for spatial listening tests. Demands hardware construction, software adaptation, some tests and filter design for calibration.

  • suitable for ISY projects and Bachelor theses.
  • required skills:  mechanic construction, audio hard-/software, realtime computing, interest in medical applications of CIT
  • contact: Thomas Hermann

Tilting Robot

Integration of a mobile Robot with an (available and tested) Pan/Tilt-unit to enable articulated assistance on a shelf in smart homes
includes a bit of physical computing, micro-controller programming, technical evaluation, using laser pointers diodes.

  • suitable for ISY projects as well as Bachelor and Master theses.
  • required skills: microcontroller programming, interest in physical computing, python, interaction design 
  • Contact: Thomas Hermann

E-Mail Ontology

Mail map: development of a software system in python to interface with an IMAP server, to download all messages, using a hyperbolic tree-layout algorithm or self-organizing map to learn a 2D representation and rendering the mail hierarchy as 2D graph (e.g. in matplotlib/python), ultimately allowing interactions that facilitate mail sorting, awareness of activity, etc. NOTE: The initial project is currently (WS 20017) ongoing. Interested parties can build upon this.

  • suitable for ISY projects as well as Bachelor and Master theses.
  • required skills: data mining, python, neural networks (e.g. self-organizing maps)
  • Contact: Thomas Hermann



Besides topics related to Ambient Intelligence we also supervise:

Jan Anlauff
Sensor Systems, Physical Computing

Andrea Lorena Aldana Blanco
Soni€cation, Biofeedback, ECG

Thomas Hermann
Sonification, Datamining

Alexander Neumann
Augmented Reality, Datamining, Software Engineering, Interaction Design

Marian Pohling
Home Automation, Machine Learning

Carsten Schwede
Augmented Reality, Computervision, Information Visualization, Person Tracking

Jiajun Yang
Sonfication, Datamining

Sebastian Zehe
Sensor Systems, Physical Computing