Research Equipment

The CLF hosts a variety of research equipment that is available for empirical studies. Please contact CLF for any requests.

  • Mobile robotic platforms: custom robotic platforms based on MobileRobots GuiaBot and Pioneer 3-DX.
  • MekaBot M1: Omnidirectional robotic platform with an anthropomorphic bimanual torso with sensor head which is mounted on a lift.
  • CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment: L-shaped 3D stereo back-projection (passive infitec)
  • Head-mounted displays: Oculus Rift, Epson Moverio BT-200
  • Mobile eye tracker (SMI Eye Tracking Glasses)
  • Transparent projection screens: enhanced HoloPro technology from pronova
  • Motion Capture systems: VICON system with 8x T20 IR cameras (690 Hz), 4x A.R.T. + Flystick, 12x OptiTrack (100 Hz).
  • 3D depth cameras: Kinect, Asus Xtion PRO, Leap motion, Gesture cam, Swissranger 3000 and 4000, Point Grey BumbleBee 2.
  • Touch and tablet monitors: pen-based 21“ Wacom tablet
  • 3D Projection screen: 3-dimensional Barco beamer for rear projection of virtual reality.
  • Sony XDCam for HD video recording.