Guest Talk: Zeynep Barlas

Public Event
18. Januar 2017
2.015, CITEC

The effects of choice and outcome-valence on the sense of agency, and prospective studies of agency in virtual contexts.

Sense of agency (SoA) refers to the subjective experience that one is the author of their actions and the ensuing outcomes of these actions. Previous research investigating the underlying mechanisms of the SoA have suggested that both predictive forward models and high level inferences can contribute to the SoA. This line of research used several direct and indirect measures including intentional binding and explicit judgments of agency. Intentional binding refers to the perceived temporal attraction between actions and their outcomes, and has been suggested as an implicit measure of the SoA. In this talk, I will first give a brief overview of the concepts and theories relevant to the SoA and then present four experiments that examined the effects of choice-level/freedom in action selection and the valence of action-outcomes on the SoA. Finally, I will suggest a few designs of studies that aim to investigate the SoA in virtual reality and other HCI contexts.