2nd Intelligent systems lab workshop

11. Juli 2014
The two-semester course 'Intelligence Systems Lab' is a key komponent within the Master programm Intelligent Systems.

The following projects will be presented:

- Augmented Intelligent Space
- Cheering you up in Empathic Rooms
- Cooking-with-a-robot: The Cognitive Kitchen-Net
- Cooking-with-a-robot: Flobi-cook-book
- Cooking-with-a-robot: Dialogue
- A large-scale processing pipeline for information extraction from biomedical articles with an application to spinal chord injury treatment
- Interactive und adaptive cubistic images
- development of an adaptiven cognitive assistance system for the support of chess playing
- smart robots for rescue tasks
- The next generation GUI – combining keyboard, mouse, speech and virtual assistants

The teams will present their projects in 10 minutes, followed by a short time for discussion.

As a particular event, this term a co-seminar took place in the faculty of economics titled "Von der Idee zur Neuprodukteinführung". Student teams here developed market introduction concepts for technologies of selected ISy projects. Following the ISY-presentations, the economic student teams will show their results in a poster session.
Furthermore there is time to meet the project groups and for networking.

This Thursday we will release the annual ISy-Workshop proceedings online on the website
    <http://techfak.uni-bielefeld.de/isy-praktikum>, resp. <http://techfak.uni-bielefeld.de/isy-praktikum/WS13SS14>