Mo, 07/16/2018
16:00 - 18:00
CITEC building, room 1.015
Di, 07/17/2018
16:15 - 17:45
CITEC 2.015
  • Anna Belardinelli, Universität Tübingen, Fachbereich Informatik
Do, 07/19/2018
Public Event
10:15 - 11:00
  • Dr.-Ing. Frederic Siepmann

„Agile Foundations – Software Engineering in Automotive“ 

The growing complexity of products changes the role of software engineering today in the autonomous industry. In this talk I will give a short insight into the approach to develop software in the automotive industry at BMW as well as the facilitation of software development methodologies to cope with this level of complexity. In the end I will try to give an answer to the question “Is Software Engineering actually real engineering?“

Dr.-Ing. Frederic Siepmann received his PhD from Bielefeld University in 2013. Since 2013 he is working for BMW Research and Development in Munich in different areas, ranging from Software Architecture, Diver Assistance Systems to Autonomous Driving. Currently he is Scrum Master for product development teams for Autonomous Driving at the BMW Autonomous Driving Campus.