Datum Titel
13.01.2020 Extending the sense of touch with hand-held tools
28.12.2019 Plagues & parasites: pervasive presents from the parents?
09.12.2019 The fate and function of vision during saccades
05.12.2019 Young Scientists: Career Paths and Planning
21.11.2019 Why do researchers apply for DFG third party funding and how are these applications handled?
18.11.2019 Feedforward and feedback learning in human sensorimotor control
24.10.2019 CITEC Conference "Cognitive Interaction Technology meets AI"
21.10.2019 Unfold your potentials - analysis of naturalistic EEG data
06.09.2019 Can Limitations of Perceptual Processing be Circumvented?
12.07.2019 The Role of Task States and Offline Sampling in Decision Making and Learning
11.07.2019 Symposium: Neurocognition and Action in Sport - New Technologies for High Performance and Rehabilitation
11.07.2019 Hide and Seek with Rats: Neural Correlates of Playing and Observing
01.07.2019 Effect-based action control
27.06.2019 Neuroethology of Motion Vision in Drosophila
24.06.2019 Job Demands-Resources Theory and Experience Sampling
24.06.2019 From Tactile Perception via Working Memory to Decision Making and Action
07.06.2019 Prof. Marc Stamminger: Mixing Real and Virtual Worlds by Projection Mapping
06.06.2019 Prof. Latoschik: Not Alone Here?! Social Embodied Interaction in Distributed Immersive Environments.
28.05.2019 Heiko Hecht: Behavioral validity of driving performance
17.05.2019 Collaboration in Virtual Reality
14.05.2019 Examining Social Cognition through Human-Robot Interaction Protocols
14.05.2019 The construction of peripheral appearance
10.05.2019 The Nature of Perceptual Constancies
09.05.2019 psychoLogisch! Forschung öffnet Türen
06.05.2019 Behavioral and Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Overt Visual Search
15.04.2019 Aufmerksamkeit - Diskrepantes und Bekanntes
12.04.2019 Shifting the focus of attention within working memory
10.04.2019 Immersives Training und Assistenz in Aus- und Weiterbildung
21.03.2019 How seeing iconic gestures facilitates action event memory and verb learning in 3-year-old children?
18.03.2019 Classifying Verbal Autopsy Records by Cause of Death 
using Neural Networks and Temporal Reasoning
04.03.2019 How children learn to shrug in English and French: the developmental story of a composite construction
22.02.2019 Robotic and Autonomous Systems for Berry Production - Perspectives and (some) Solutions
01.02.2019 Colloquium "Cognitive behavior of humans, animals, and machines: Computational and experimental perspectives“
28.01.2019 Graduate School Colloquium
14.01.2019 Graduate School Colloquium
20.12.2018 Gastvortrag: Arash Ajoudani
14.12.2018 Supporting Meta-Analysis with Semantic Technologies: the case of managing pre-clinical evidence for the treatment of spinal cord injuries
14.12.2018 Colloquium "Cognitive behavior of humans, animals, and machines: Computational and experimental perspectives“
13.12.2018 Vortrag Brain & Behaviour
12.12.2018 Workshop Karriereplanung
05.12.2018 Marta21 mit Volker Dürr
04.12.2018 Guest Talk Karen Roemer
03.12.2018 Graduate School Colloquium
30.11.2018 Guest Talk by Ulrike Kuhl
29.11.2018 Vortrag Brain & Behaviour
28.11.2018 Workshop „ Was ist sozial angemessen? Forschung zu Kulturtechniken des Verhaltens “
26.11.2018 Workshop: Giving commanding performances
22.11.2018 Guest Talk Naoto Hieda
08.11.2018 Vortrag Brain & Behaviour
30.10.2018 Grounding Semantic Roles in Images
29.10.2018 Gastvortrag: Anja Gerlmaier
29.10.2018 Gastvortrag: Julie Duque
26.10.2018 Founders Hackdays
25.10.2018 Vortrag Brain & Behaviour
19.10.2018 Cognitive behavior of humans, animals, and machines: Computational and experimental perspectives
16.10.2018 Gastvortrag: Madhura Purnaprajna
12.10.2018 Gastvortrag: Abderrahmane Kheddar
11.10.2018 Vortrag Brain & Behaviour
08.10.2018 RATIO-Project Hackathon
21.09.2018 RoboCup Homecoming
19.09.2018 OWL 4.0 Breakfast 'Technische Assistenzsysteme im Alltag'
12.09.2018 CITEC Club special
01.08.2018 Gastvortrag von Davide Bacchiu
19.07.2018 Gastvortrag Frederic Siepmann
17.07.2018 CITEC Colloquium "Vision Science": Planning with the eyes: Anticipatory gaze strategies for object interaction
16.07.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
13.07.2018 Tag des Maschinellen Lernens
12.07.2018 Career & Coffee with CLAAS
11.07.2018 Gastvortrag von Nikolina Mitev
10.07.2018 CITEC Colloquium "Vision Science": The structure and function of visual working memory
05.07.2018 Gastvortrag von Dr. Noriyasu Ando
02.07.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
25.06.2018 Gastvortrag von Oliver Schneider
25.06.2018 Gastvortrag von Prof. Dr. Shuo Li
21.06.2018 Talk Brain & Behaviour
19.06.2018 CITEC Colloquium "Vision Science": Attention to time
18.06.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
14.06.2018 Talk Brain & Behaviour
13.06.2018 Multisensory integration: linking behaviour and brain activity
11.06.2018 Gast-Vortrag im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung „Digitale und vernetzte Arbeitswelten“: „Smarte Assistenzsysteme für die Produktion von morgen“
04.06.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
29.05.2018 CITEC Colloquium "Vision Science": Flexible prioritization in working memory
28.05.2018 Industrie 4.0, Arbeit 4.0...Soziologie 4.0? Einige Überlegungen zur rezenten "Versionierung" von Gesellschaft und ihrer Wissenschaft
17.05.2018 Fachgespräch: Mensch-Roboter Kollaboration in der Fabriksimulation - Werkzeuge und Potentiale für den Entwurf zukünftiger Produktionssysteme
15.05.2018 CITEC Colloquium "Vision Science": Watching without seeing: Determinants and mechanisms of inattentional blindness
14.05.2018 Tickling the body & the brain: TMS and tactile perception
07.05.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
24.04.2018 CITEC Colloquium "Vision Science": Attention and working memory in action
23.04.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
17.04.2018 Talk on Robots and Humans Understanding Each Other
13.04.2018 Talk: The nature of motor imagery: A behavioural and neuroimaging perspective
12.04.2018 Talk: How immersive, interactive virtual reality can help us understand decision - making in sport
11.04.2018 CITEC Special Club
09.04.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
06.04.2018 Talk on Neuromorphic electronic circuits for building autonomous cognitive systems
22.03.2018 Talk on Problem Solving in Networks of Neural Associative Memories or Cortical Areas
09.03.2018 Jubiläum "10 Jahre Forschung für geistreiche Technik"
12.02.2018 Kickoff workshop DFG project EcoGest
07.02.2018 Antrittsvorlesung: Dual-Pivot Quicksort and Beyond
30.01.2018 CITEC Colloquium “Vision Science”: Handling distracting objects in working memory and perception: Insights from electrophysiology and computational modelling
29.01.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
23.01.2018 CITEC Colloquium “Vision Science”: Not all Gestalts are equal: The encoding of parts and wholes in the visual cortical hierarchy
15.01.2018 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
12.01.2018 Working in Germanys Industry
12.01.2018 Ringvorlesung Data Science "Auditory Data Science"
11.01.2018 Job interviews - preparation and practice
09.01.2018 CITEC Colloquium “Vision Science”: How foveal vision loss affects visual learning and memory
18.12.2017 Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology Research Colloquium
15.12.2017 Ringvorlesung Data Science "Cryptographic Access Control - Reconciling Security and Privacy"
13.12.2017 Talk on Gamification in linguistic experiments and beyond
12.12.2017 CITEC Colloquium “Vision Science”: Searching for conjunction-detectors in mid-level vision
06.12.2017 Ideenwettbewerb 2017 - "Mit dem erfolgreichen Pitch ins Innovationslabor starten"
05.12.2017 CITEC Colloquium “Vision Science”: Into eye tracking methods to improve experimental psychology
29.11.2017 Humpty Dumpty and the craft of creating conversational agents
28.11.2017 CITEC Colloquium “Vision Science”: Mechanisms and principles of poststroke recovery enhancement
22.11.2017 Why AI Ethics is a Feminist Issue: The Legal and Moral Lacuna of Machine Rights
21.11.2017 movement mentoring - Programme Presentation
21.11.2017 Arbeit 4.0 – Potentiale, Probleme, Perspektiven
20.11.2017 Block Seminar: Using the Tools of Theoretical Biology and AI social Simulation"
16.11.2017 We Didn’t Prove Prejudice Is True: Why and When Machines Have Human Bias
07.11.2017 CITEC Colloquium “Vision Science”: Pharmacological and clinical studies of eye movements
24.10.2017 itsOWL-EUE Projektabschlussveranstaltung
17.10.2017 Behavior, Emotion and Representation
17.10.2017 Workshop on Multicentric Interaction with Smart Homes & Home Robots
17.10.2017 5th International Conference on Human Agent Interaction
16.10.2017 The 5th European and 8th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication
16.10.2017 Symposium on Cognitive Development for Human-Robot Friendly Interaction and Rehablitation
11.10.2017 Cognitive Robotics with focus on cognitive vision
09.10.2017 Cognitive Robotics with focus on cognitive vision
04.10.2017 RoboCup Homecoming-Event
27.09.2017 Strategic Meeting at Queensland University of Technology
25.09.2017 Workshop on Conference Presentation
11.09.2017 Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society (DZG 2017)
10.09.2017 Schreibzeit für Doktorandinnen und Postdoktorandinnen
04.09.2017 CITEC Summer School 2017: Cognitive Architectures
30.08.2017 Academic Writing Workshop (Registration required)
28.08.2017 CITEC-I2R Mixed Reality for Human Enhancement Workshop
24.08.2017 GENIALE Science Cinema: Kinofilm trifft Wissenschaft
23.08.2017 360-Filme Mittendrin mit 360°- Panoramavideos
23.08.2017 GENIALE Wie Roboterhände das Greifen begreifen
23.08.2017 GENIALE Intelligente Datenbrille als Assistenzsystem
23.08.2017 GENIALE Wie Serviceroboter lernen, uns zu helfen
23.08.2017 GENIALE Dein Roboterführerschein - Lerne, wie Roboter funktionieren und wie Du ihnen helfen kannst
23.08.2017 GENIALE 3D-Bewegungsanalyse in Echtzeit
23.08.2017 GENIALE 360°-Mitrate-Krimi
23.08.2017 GENIALE Erlebe die Roboter Nao und Pleo mit dem teutolab-robotik
23.08.2017 GENIALE Gedächtnis, Gehirn und Bewegung
23.08.2017 GENIALE KogniHome – die mitdenkende Wohnung
23.08.2017 GENIALE Speedstacking
22.08.2017 GENIALE Science Festival Bielefeld am CITEC
22.08.2017 Speedstacking
21.08.2017 GENIALE Science Cinema: Kinofilm trifft Wissenschaft
19.08.2017 GENIALE Science Cinema: Kinofilm trifft Wissenschaft
27.07.2017 3rd ICSPACE Workshop
25.07.2017 Colloquium “Vision Science”
20.07.2017 How to find a Job in Industry?! (Registration required)
18.07.2017 Guest Talk: Hormonelle Modulation sozialer Motivation
17.07.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
14.07.2017 Guest Talk: Why machines will soon be conscious
13.07.2017 Guest Talk: From interactive computer music systems to sonification research.
11.07.2017 Colloquium “Vision Science”
06.07.2017 3rd Workshop on Virtual Social Interaction
05.07.2017 Vom inkrementellen Lernen zur interaktiven Intelligenz
04.07.2017 Colloquium “Vision Science”
03.07.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
03.07.2017 Guest Talk: Michael Beetz
30.06.2017 BMBF-Projekt-Treffen NeuroCommTrainer
23.06.2017 KogniHome Abschlußveranstaltung
21.06.2017 Guest Talk: Next-Generation Vibrotactile Wearables
21.06.2017 Guest Talk: Towards Exascale Computing in Neuroscience
20.06.2017 The Strength of Weak Stereotypes: Implicit Biases and other Irresistible Heuristics
19.06.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
14.06.2017 Guest Talk: What’s out there? Novel Imaging Systems for Ocean Exploration
12.06.2017 Ringvorlesung: Arbeit 4.0
07.06.2017 CITEC Club
02.06.2017 Scientific Writing in English 1-day special writing Workshop
02.06.2017 Text Revision Workshop (Registration required)
30.05.2017 Colloquium “Vision Science”
29.05.2017 Academic Writing Workshop (Registration required)
23.05.2017 Pascal Hitzler: Towards Explaining Neural Networks Through Background Knowledge
22.05.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
22.05.2017 Guest Talk: Sensory Feedback in Prosthetics
19.05.2017 Joyce Chai: Teaching Robots New Tasks Through Language Instructions
15.05.2017 TN-IIS Strategic Meeting at Indiana University
15.05.2017 Science Cinema: IK BEN ALICE
12.05.2017 Distortions of hand representations in humans
08.05.2017 Vortragsreihe Arbeit 4.0: "Interdisziplinärer Zugang zur Gestaltung flexibler Arbeitswelten"
08.05.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
04.05.2017 Symposium Neurocognition and Action in Sport
25.04.2017 Colloquium “Vision Science”
24.04.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
24.04.2017 Prof. Yitzhak Birk: On the Judicious Exploitation of Redundancy and Randomization for Performance Improvement
19.04.2017 CITEC Club
18.04.2017 The neuromorphic approach to iCub
18.04.2017 Colloquium "Vision Science"
30.03.2017 Scientific Writing in English
20.03.2017 Towards Ultra-Strong Machine Learning – A first look at the comprehensibility of ILP-learned programs
14.03.2017 Biopsychologie & Kognitive Neurowissenschaften Kolloquium
13.03.2017 Constructive Approach to Cognitive Development and Disorders
20.02.2017 Science Cinema: "Arrival"
17.02.2017 Biopsychologie & Kognitive Neurowissenschaften Kolloquium
13.02.2017 ComoData Project
09.02.2017 Guest Talk: Minoru Asada, Osaka University
08.02.2017 Biopsychologie und Kognitive Neurowissenschaften Kolloquium
06.02.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
03.02.2017 Founders Foundation/CITEC Start-Up Hackdays
31.01.2017 Abschluss der erweiterten Ausstellung "Ich digi Du"
31.01.2017 Vision Science Colloquium: John Duncan, Cambridge, UK
26.01.2017 Gender 2020
26.01.2017 Workshop: Almost there - preparing for the PhD defense
24.01.2017 Guest Talk: Signe Vangkilde
24.01.2017 Talk: Prof. Dr. Clarenbach, Uni Belefeld
24.01.2017 Vision Science Kolloqium: Signe Vangkilde, Kopenhagen
23.01.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
18.01.2017 Guest Talk: Zeynep Barlas
17.01.2017 Guest Talk: Axel Larsen
16.01.2017 Block Course: Modules of Computation, Matthew Cook, University of Zurich
10.01.2017 Guest Talk: Radoslaw M. Cichy
09.01.2017 Graduate School Colloquium
20.12.2016 Guest Talk: Fred Hamker
16.12.2016 Interactive Sonification Workshop
16.12.2016 Guest Talk: Shlomo Geva
15.12.2016 Interactive Sonification Workshop (ISon 2016)
12.12.2016 Graduate School Colloquium
06.12.2016 Guest Talk: Doris Braun
06.12.2016 Guest Talk: Somaya Ben Allouch
05.12.2016 Graduate School Research Retreat
29.11.2016 Colloquium Social Psychology
28.11.2016 Education 4.0: Chancen und Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung
28.11.2016 Graduate School Colloquium
22.11.2016 Guest Talk: Tobias Heed
17.11.2016 Digitale Zukunft
15.11.2016 Guest Talk: Hanspeter A. Mallot
27.10.2016 Guest Talk: Anders Lansner
25.10.2016 ZiF-Konferenz Big Data: Herausforderung für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft
21.10.2016 Computational Argumentation: pragmatics and problem structuring
06.10.2016 Austellung Ich digi Du
29.09.2016 Finnissage mit Führung "Der Apfel fällt nicht weit"
28.09.2016 Ambiguity and Attention in the real world
27.09.2016 CITEC Summer School on Adaptive Systems
23.09.2016 RoboCup Homecoming 2016
22.09.2016 Präkonferenzsymposien Künstliche Intelligenz in Pflege und Betreuung
08.09.2016 Workshop Virtuelle und Erweiterte Realität 2016
03.08.2016 Neurobiology Doctoral Students Workshop
21.07.2016 Guest Talk: Adrian G. Dyer
19.07.2016 Guest Talk: Peter Bublak
18.07.2016 Graduate School Colloquium
15.07.2016 Science Cinema
14.07.2016 Kognition - Sprache - Bewegung
14.07.2016 "Der Apfel fällt nicht weit"
05.07.2016 Gastvortrag: Peter Wühr
04.07.2016 Graduate School Colloquium
01.07.2016 Gastvortrag: Arielle Borovsky
30.06.2016 Gastvortrag: Daniela Danciu
28.06.2016 Vision Science colloquium: Active, task-oriented visual behavior
23.06.2016 Vortragsreihe Gender-Effekte
21.06.2016 Automatica 2016
20.06.2016 Gastvortrag: Elena Cabrio
15.06.2016 CITEC Club
14.06.2016 Kolloquium Vision Science
01.06.2016 Academic Writing Workshop
20.05.2016 Gastvortrag B. Kuhlenkötter
02.05.2016 Rekonstruktion des Gesichtsschädels auf Basis einer Fernröntgenseitenaufnahme und eines Gesichtsscans
28.04.2016 Girl's Day
28.04.2016 Vortragsreihe Gender-Effekte
26.04.2016 Prediction of saccadic consequences and visual targets' perception
20.04.2016 CITEC Club Spezial: Founders Foundation - Neue Startup-Initiative in Ostwestfalen-Lippe
14.04.2016 Vortragsreihe Gender-Effekte
11.04.2016 Academic Writing Workshop
06.04.2016 CITEC Club Spezial
01.04.2016 Gastvortrag Marc E. Latoschik
21.03.2016 Workshop "From Robotics to Cognitive Interaction and Beyond"
26.02.2016 Online-Vorlesung von Jeff Trinkle
19.02.2016 Science Cafe
11.02.2016 Workshop: ICSpace - Intelligent Coaching Space
08.02.2016 Graduate School Colloquium
02.02.2016 Gastvortrag: Shai Gabay
28.01.2016 Vortragsreihe Gender-Effekte
26.01.2016 Gastvortrag: Casimir Ludwig
25.01.2016 Graduate School Colloquium
21.01.2016 Gastvortrag Klaus Schilling
14.01.2016 Vortragsreihe Gender-Effekte
11.01.2016 Graduate School Colloquium
07.01.2016 Gastvortrag: Kathrin Müsch
22.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Robert Goldstone
21.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Nils Hasler
17.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Silke Sachse
15.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Ulla Martens
14.12.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
11.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Kerstin Witte
10.12.2015 Vortragsreihe Gender-Effekte
10.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Joachim Schmidt
08.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Andrea Kiesel
08.12.2015 Eye Tracking Demo
07.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Klaus Hildebrandt
01.12.2015 Gastvortrag: Frank Papenmeier
26.11.2015 Eröffnungsworkshop DAAD Thematisches Netzwerk
25.11.2015 Gastvortrag: Jürgen Leitner
24.11.2015 ZiF-Konferenz: Mensch trifft Technik
24.11.2015 Gastvortrag: Wolfram Schenk
23.11.2015 Gastvortrag: David Bommes
19.11.2015 Gastvortrag: Michael Beetz
18.11.2015 CITEC-Club
16.11.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
05.11.2015 Vortragsreihe Gender-Effekte
02.11.2015 Graduate School Retreat
29.10.2015 Gastvortrag: Tom Freeman
22.10.2015 Road to Japan - Vernissage zur Ausstellung
19.10.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
08.10.2015 Ästhetik-Festival
07.10.2015 Gastvortrag: Daniel Braun
05.10.2015 Gastvortrag: Yukie Nagai
01.10.2015 Science Cinema: Inside Out
29.09.2015 2. Eye-Tracking-Workshop
25.09.2015 CITEC-Sommerfest
24.09.2015 Workshop: Sonifikation
23.09.2015 Robocup Homecoming Event
02.09.2015 Workshop: Communication
15.07.2015 Gastvortrag: Jesse Snedeker
14.07.2015 Intelligent Systems Lab Final Event 2015
13.07.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
09.07.2015 Gastvortrag Susanne Ihsen
09.07.2015 Guest Talk: Sridhar Ravi
06.07.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
06.07.2015 CITEC-Mitgliederversammlung
02.07.2015 Guest Talk: Felix Wichmann
30.06.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
24.06.2015 Gastvortrag Ralf Stoecker
23.06.2015 Science Cinema: Particle Fever
23.06.2015 Gastvortrag: Bettina Braun
22.06.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
22.06.2015 Vortrag: Erfolgreiche Antragstellung
22.06.2015 Gastvortrag: Jim Little
17.06.2015 CITEC Club
09.06.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
08.06.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
02.06.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
29.05.2015 Guest Talk: Lawrence Barsalou
21.05.2015 (Post)Doc Lunch
20.05.2015 Guest Talk: Sterpone & Bernadeschi
19.05.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
12.05.2015 Guest Talk: Michael Schmuker
11.05.2015 Graduate School Colloquium
05.05.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
27.04.2015 Guest Talk: Nathan Schneider
24.04.2015 Guest Talk: Akira Takada
23.04.2015 Girls' Day
22.04.2015 The Mismatch Negativity
21.04.2015 Guest Talk: Vera Kempe
14.04.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
10.04.2015 Guest Talk: Andreas Knoblauch
08.04.2015 CITEC Club
23.03.2015 Workshop on Cognitive Systems
10.03.2015 Guest Talk: Wolfram Burgard
09.03.2015 Guest Talk: Wolfram Burgard
09.03.2015 Murphy was an optimist
20.02.2015 Guest Talk: Sao Mai Nguyen
19.02.2015 Guest Talk: Markus Vincze
13.02.2015 ICSPACE Milestone Workshop
03.02.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
02.02.2015 Guest Talk: Kai Vogeley
27.01.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
26.01.2015 Guest Talk: Giacomo Indiveri
21.01.2015 CITEC Club
20.01.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
20.01.2015 Colloquium Vision Science
19.01.2015 GradSchool Colloquium
05.01.2015 GradSchool Colloquium
02.01.2015 GradSchool Colloquium
22.12.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
08.12.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
24.11.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
18.11.2014 Colloquium Vision Science
10.11.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
04.11.2014 Colloquium Vision Science
27.10.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
21.10.2014 Tensegrity Robots for Space Exploration: SUPERball and Related Robots
17.10.2014 CANCELLED - Virtual humans - cognition, emotion, behaviors
13.10.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
24.09.2014 The cognition of visual language of comics
19.09.2014 Robocup@Home ToBI Homecoming 2014
12.09.2014 Gaussian process inference for stochastic continuous time dynamical systems
12.09.2014 A Tri-Clustering Method for Temporal Interaction Analysis
05.09.2014 Ways to a more natural and intuitive communication between humans and machines
04.09.2014 Perceptual Grouping using Superpixels
03.09.2014 A Computational Model for incrementally Learning Word Meanings and Semantic Networks
27.08.2014 Multimodal data fusion for mobile robots in USAR environment
25.08.2014 Robust Hidden Markov Models Inference in the Presence of Label Noise
19.08.2014 Attention recogniton: from contextual analysis of head poses to 3D gaze tracking using remote RGB-D sensors
13.08.2014 GENIALE: Alles im Griff?
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Speedstacking – Augenbewegungen beim Becherstapeln
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Sein oder Nichtsein?
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Multi-Robotik – Gemeinsam geht's leichter
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Mein Mitbewohner ist ein Roboter
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Gedächtnis, Gehirn und Bewegung (Experiment)
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Gedächtnis, Gehirn und Bewegung (Laborführungen)
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Alles im Griff?
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Schöne Hülle - schlauer Kern
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Memory spielen mit Roboter Flobi
12.08.2014 GENIALE: Mach Deinen Roboterführerschein!
28.07.2014 Formal Methods in Robot Control
18.07.2014 Shaping concepts in the dynamics of recurrent neural networks
16.07.2014 Robot Girls and Boys? Constructing gender in social robotics
14.07.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
14.07.2014 Designing Robot Cultures: Steps toward a culturally robust robotics
11.07.2014 2nd Intelligent systems lab workshop
10.07.2014 Contingency Learning as a Key for Cognitive Development
10.07.2014 Visual perception during eye movements
03.07.2014 The acoustic system of the barn owl
02.07.2014 Using world knowledge to understand language development
01.07.2014 Where do goals come from? A Generic Approach to Autonomous Goal-System Development
25.06.2014 „ISO-9241 trifft Realität“ – Usability im Projektalltag einer Spezialagentur für Benutzerfreundlichkeit
18.06.2014 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Computerlinguistik
16.06.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
28.05.2014 Cognitive Approaches for Mobile Vision Systems
12.05.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
12.05.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
17.04.2014 AMARSi project: closing meeting
14.04.2014 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Technik
14.04.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
07.04.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
03.04.2014 InstantReality: Adapting X3D for VR/AR environments
28.03.2014 Recognition of Hand Actions Using Body-Conducted Sounds
25.03.2014 SCIENCE CINEMA: "HER"
20.03.2014 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Computerlinguistik
18.03.2014 Mutual Information: an Adequate Tool for Feature Selection?
07.03.2014 Kick-Off Workshop "Cognitive Development for Friendly Robots and Rehabilitation"
07.03.2014 International MORSE-HRI Workshop 2014
07.03.2014 SSE colloquium
03.03.2014 HRI 2014: Human Robotic Interaction
03.03.2014 HRI 2014: Associated Workshops
26.02.2014 Science Cinema
21.02.2014 DFG review: Collaborative Research Centre "Alignment in Communication" (SFB 673)
20.02.2014 DFG review: Collaborative Research Centre "Alignment in Communication" (SFB 673)
11.02.2014 On the neurobiology of proprioception and motor control: insights from studying patients with brain dysfunction
10.02.2014 Building the robots of the next generation: Activities carried out at Advanced Robotics department, IIT
03.02.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
02.02.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
30.01.2014 A Grid Cell Grid
29.01.2014 Beginnings of purposeful intersubjectivity: Tuning to interaction affordances
14.01.2014 CANCELLED: What’s an Animal? A Window onto Lexical Semantic Development in Three Cultures
13.01.2014 GradSchool Colloquium
09.01.2014 Self-motion perception is modulated by eye fixation
09.01.2014 CANCELLED: Magnitude estimation as probabilistic inference
18.12.2013 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Computerlinguistik
17.12.2013 Design choices and behaviour customisation of robots for different cultures
09.12.2013 Searching in Teams: An Experimental Study of Aggregation and Incentives
28.11.2013 CITEC Symposium: Perspectives of Cognitive Interaction
21.11.2013 Social comparison between humans and robots
20.11.2013 Space in Perception and Memory
19.11.2013 Winning the rat race - The sbv IMPROVER species translation challenge
18.11.2013 PCL and Robotics in Osnabrück
18.11.2013 Orthogonal Sparse Coding and Sensing
15.11.2013 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Technik
24.10.2013 SAGA 2013: 1st International Workshop on Solutions for Automatic Gaze Data Analysis
08.10.2013 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Computerlinguistik
02.10.2013 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Technik
09.09.2013 CITEC Summer School 2013
15.07.2013 Spatial distance effects on real-time interpretation of social relations: evidence from eye tracking
27.06.2013 Bi:tasteMINT Schwerpunkt Technik
27.06.2013 Neuromorphic architectures for real-time behaving systems
20.06.2013 Neural Computations Underlying Collision Avoidance Behaviors
23.05.2013 Robotics@Twente
29.04.2013 Gaze characteristics of freely walking blowflies in a goal-directed orientation task
29.04.2013 Behind the curtain: The influence of mental practice on the development of mental representation structure in early skill acquisition
25.04.2013 Bi:tasteMINT SPECIAL "tasteCL" - Computerlinguistik
11.04.2013 Neural encoding of head-free gaze shifts in monkey superior colliculus
04.04.2013 Bi:tasteMINT SPECIAL "tasteCL" - Computerlinguistik
28.01.2013 Notouch haptics in electric fish: characterization of dynamic aspects in active electrolocation
28.01.2013 Target-Oriented Gaze Strategies in Walking
28.01.2013 Interactive natural language generation in virtual environments
14.01.2013 Why gestures enhance foreign language learning
08.11.2012 The sense of touch considered as a multi-modal system
25.10.2012 Can music performance metrics be used to improve the perception of information in sonified data and to enhance the expressivity of computer music?
25.10.2012 Using Persuasive Technology to promote sustainable behavior
25.10.2012 Imperfectly optimal animals: Bayesian decision theory and the planning of action
09.10.2012 AssessorInnen Ausbildung - Kolloquium II
01.10.2012 Course 2: Multimodal corpus work: manual annotation, validation and computer-driven analysis
24.09.2012 Course 1: Multimodal corpus collection: gathering representative and meaningful conversational data
31.08.2012 Mind-oriented movements
30.08.2012 Gestures in Interaction: What, Why and How
30.08.2012 Spontaneous depictions in everyday discourse
29.08.2012 Learning and Playing with KASPAR: Robot-Assisted Therapy for Children with Autism
28.08.2012 Humans, Androids, and Media
27.08.2012 CITEC Summer School 2012: Verbal and non-verbal interaction. From experiments to implementation
27.08.2012 Communicating without words: a closer look at our primate cousins
02.08.2012 Robot Anthropology: Emergent technologies and questions of human sciences
19.07.2012 Ausrichtung in der Kommunikation: Ansätze zu einer neuen Kommunikationstheorie
16.07.2012 Course 3: Synchrony in conversation and interaction
11.07.2012 ToBi RoboCup Homecoming Event
10.07.2012 ISY Projektpräsentationen
09.07.2012 PhD project talk
02.07.2012 PhD project talks
27.06.2012 CITEC Club
25.06.2012 AssessorInnen Ausbildung - Praxisphase I
25.06.2012 PhD project talk
19.06.2012 AssessorInnen Ausbildung - Kolloquium I
18.06.2012 Adaptation in Verbal Interaction (KT) and Social aceptance of virtual assistants (MK)
12.06.2012 AssessorInnen Ausbildung - Theorie
11.06.2012 Markov Logic Networks for Situated Natural Language Understanding & Gradschool Colloquium
04.06.2012 AssessorInnen Ausbildung - Theorie
04.06.2012 German-French Workshop: Perspectives on Cognitive Interaction and Technology
04.06.2012 PhD project talk
01.06.2012 'Open-Lab-Day' and CITEC Soccer Tournament
31.05.2012 Motor selection and visual attention in manual pointing and grasping
30.05.2012 CITEC Club
21.05.2012 How to defend your thesis?
14.05.2012 PhD project talk
07.05.2012 Robotik und Gesetzgebung
07.05.2012 PhD project talk
02.05.2012 CITEC Club
23.04.2012 GradSchool Colloquium
23.04.2012 Options for research funding
18.04.2012 International Workshop "Cognitive Inter/Action in Sports"
18.04.2012 Extraretinal contributions to space perception across eye movements
12.04.2012 Reference Frame Selection in Spatial Term Use: Computational and Empirical Studies
02.04.2012 "Towards VLSI Spiking Neuron Assemblies as General-Purpose Processors"
22.03.2012 Interdisciplinary Workshop: Early Literacy under the focus of language and cognitive development
19.03.2012 Bielefeld-Osaka-Workshop 2012 in Osaka
16.03.2012 Software Round Table Colloquium: Maven
15.02.2012 Workshop on Web Epistemics
03.02.2012 Eyetracking Workshop
01.02.2012 A core brain system in intelligent behaviour
30.01.2012 Links between motor and mental rotation - Does learning of the Kayak Roll improve the ability to mentally rotate objects?
25.01.2012 The role of hemifields in visual attention: findings from psychophysics, fMRI and stroke patients
23.01.2012 GradSchool Colloquium
23.01.2012 GradSchool Colloquium
18.01.2012 Transsaccadic object perception
16.01.2012 GradSchool Colloquium
16.01.2012 Adaptation in Verbal Interaction
12.01.2012 Literacy modulates language-mediated visual attention and prediction
11.01.2012 The role of prediction in eye movement control
09.01.2012 GradSchool Colloquium
09.01.2012 GradSchool Colloquium
19.12.2011 Changes in mental representation structure of a complex movement in early skill acquisition
14.12.2011 Empirical and computational approaches to the fractionation of executive function
05.12.2011 Graduate School Retreat 2011
30.11.2011 The intriguing interactive relationship between attention and eye movements
28.11.2011 GradSchool Colloquium
28.11.2011 Mechanosensory Descending Interneurons in an insect - a neural basis for intersegmental coordination
25.11.2011 Recursive artificial neural sequence models
21.11.2011 Embodied Simulations for Cognitive Interaction
21.11.2011 GradSchool Colloquium
14.11.2011 Effects of perceptual structures on incremental language comprehension: evidence from eye-tracking
14.11.2011 Attention, working memory and eye-movement control
11.11.2011 Neurobiology, information theory and adaptive feature selection
31.10.2011 Projektwoche Bi:tasteMINT für Oberstufenschülerinnen
25.10.2011 Bi:tasteMINT AssessorInnen Training
19.10.2011 Method research on eye tracking
19.10.2011 Coordination and learning in a redundant motor system
06.10.2011 Workshop on Neurobiology of Embodied Language (NOEL)
06.09.2011 Self-Organisation in Recurrent Neural Networks using Transfer Entropy
31.08.2011 Insect Homing: Mechanisms and Models
31.08.2011 "To help or not to help? On strategic behavior in virtual emergencies"
29.08.2011 Bielefeld-Osaka Workshop on Cognition and Robotics
25.08.2011 Embodied & Situated Language processing 2011
03.08.2011 Kortikale Selbstorganisation während des frühen Spracherwerbs: Ein quantitativ funktionales Modell
19.07.2011 Biomimetics: towards the next generation robotics
19.07.2011 Transferring machine learning and robotics to the clinics
13.07.2011 The role of cortical feedback and attentional processing in perceptual grouping
11.07.2011 Adaptive Models for Detecting Mental States in EEG Data
11.07.2011 Human Joined Action in Shared Space via BRI
05.07.2011 Discrimination of features in clutter by the insect visual system
04.07.2011 Projektwoche Bi:tasteMINT für Oberstufenschülerinnen
04.07.2011 A Social Cognition Approach to Initiative in Dialogue Systems
29.06.2011 Bi:tasteMINT AssessorInnen Training
29.06.2011 Attentional capture - Top-down or bottom-up?
27.06.2011 ViTaPro: Visual, tactile and proprioceptive cues for spatial coordination of the legs in insect locomotion
27.06.2011 Mechanosensory Processing in the Stick Insect Antenna
20.06.2011 Computational Modeling of Visual Odometry in Insects
20.06.2011 Scalable Event-based Clustering of Social Media
15.06.2011 CITEC Club
15.06.2011 Bi:tasteMINT AssessorInnen Training
15.06.2011 Grasping: A stereotyped movement pattern or a highly adaptive visuomotor skill? The influences of physical and cognitive factors on human grasp kinematics
06.06.2011 Osaka Day as part of the Japan Week at Bielefeld University
06.06.2011 GradSchool Colloquium
06.06.2011 Activity Recognition from Mobile Phone Sensor Data
01.06.2011 Transient attention and the interplay between the temporal and spatial domains of perception
30.05.2011 Symposium on Asymmetric Interactions
25.05.2011 Neural correlates of multisensory self-motion perception
23.05.2011 6th International Symposium on Autonomous Minirobots for Research and Edutainment (AMiRE)
23.05.2011 A library for vowel synthesis in SuperCollider and its application in auditory graphs
23.05.2011 Eye movement control: Prediction and learning
18.05.2011 Students from University of Twente Advanced Technology (NL) visit CITEC
18.05.2011 Robotics and Law
16.05.2011 Real-time capable analysis of time series data with ordered means models
16.05.2011 FamCHAI - Familiarity and Companionship in Human-Agent Interaction
11.05.2011 Saccades in multitasking - Towards an output-related view of eye movements
09.05.2011 Event knowledge in the acquisition of semantics in early lexical children
09.05.2011 Visual attention and developmental dyslexia. Parameter-based assessment of disordered and intact components of visual attention
06.05.2011 Abschlussfeier des Mentoring-Programms MentScience
05.05.2011 Faciliating Social Interaction with Robot Companions
04.05.2011 CITEC Club
04.05.2011 MediaLab Opening
02.05.2011 TVA-based Modeling of Visual Attention
02.05.2011 Exploring intermodal synchrony in natural mother-infant interactions
28.04.2011 Imagination Machines: From Cognitive Neuroscience to Human-Level Synthetic Intelligence
20.04.2011 Vision and attention in the real world
19.04.2011 Development of a Robot-Acceptance-Research-Model and a Robot-Acceptance-Questionnaire to assess user acceptance of guide robots
18.04.2011 Prototype-based learning on large data sets
18.04.2011 The fine structure of homing behaviour in bees and its consequences for optic flow processing
11.04.2011 The grammar of approximation/Grammatik der Approximation
07.04.2011 "Forschungsförderung - Antragsstellung" - Workshop VI
05.04.2011 The Perceptual Basis of Some Rules of Thumb in Photography
04.04.2011 CITEC and CoR-Lab at Hannover Messe HMI 2011
31.03.2011 Understanding ant route navigation as a situated and embodied system: Behavioural experiments, modelling and robotics
30.03.2011 A Generalized Framework for Dimension Reduction Mappings
23.03.2011 Tracking and Measurement in Sports Video
21.03.2011 Klausurtagung
11.03.2011 Presentation of the design-model of the hexapod demonstrator and the prototype of the robotic leg
03.03.2011 "Networking" - Workshop V
02.03.2011 HuComTech: Project on the theoretical foundations of human-machine interaction technologies
24.02.2011 Matrix Relevance Learning: basic concepts and applications in medicine
18.02.2011 Real-Time Global Illumination
17.02.2011 Bielefeld Workshop on Developmental Speech Recognition
16.02.2011 Magnification Control in Neural Maps
11.02.2011 Volumetrische Rekonstruktion von Händen zur nichtverbalen Kommunikation in Telekonferenzsystemen
07.02.2011 Workshop on Benchmarking and Evaluation of Interactive Cognitive Systems
02.02.2011 A Neural Theory of Visual Attention - understanding visual selection and short-term memory at the psychological and neurophysiological levels
02.02.2011 Bayesian Methods for Neural Data Analysis
01.02.2011 Face perception. Face and facial feature detection using the Viola Jones framework
31.01.2011 Mental representation and mental practice
31.01.2011 The Effect of Manual Action on Object Categorization in Long-Term Memory
25.01.2011 Gesture, expressions, and posture in adult and child interaction. From an evolutionary model to artificial intelligence applications
24.01.2011 Implicit versus explicit memory in complex scene categorization
24.01.2011 Neural correlates of empathy as an aspect of emotional human-robot interaction
19.01.2011 Performance biases from spatial-numerical associations: An overview and an embodied cognition framework
17.01.2011 Introduction to active electrolocation of Gnathonemus petersii
14.01.2011 MentScience lädt ein! Veranstaltung zum Thema: Nationale & Europäische Forschungsförderung
12.01.2011 Attention in coordinated eye-hand movements
10.01.2011 Activation of motor components when perceiving climbing hold
10.01.2011 Compensatory Head Movements of Freely Walking Blowflies
22.12.2010 CITEC Club
22.12.2010 Oculomotor shaping of visual space
17.12.2010 Der Weg zum souveränen Auftritt - Erfolgreiche Gesprächsführung - Workshop IV
16.12.2010 Der Weg zum souveränen Auftritt - Erfolgreiche Gesprächsführung - Workshop IV
08.12.2010 Competitive Processing of Visual Information: A physiological Approach
01.12.2010 Three Mental Levels of Action Understanding and Control?
29.11.2010 Graduate School Research Retreat 2010
24.11.2010 Why red doesn't sound like a bell: understanding the raw feel of consciousness
22.11.2010 Sensorimotor Grounding of Gestures in Social Interaction
22.11.2010 Anticipative eye movements to invisible objects: Speed stacking in the dark
17.11.2010 Hyperbolic geometry of complex networks
15.11.2010 Minimally sparse but maximally versatile behavioural controllers
15.11.2010 Learning motor control on elastic limbs
08.11.2010 Neurophysiological Correlates and Cognitive Components of Motor and Action Control"
08.11.2010 Developmental Semantics of Congruent Colors and Tones? Multimodal Facilitation by Red and Green Color
04.11.2010 Visual detection of small targets moving in clutter: a complex problem solved by the brain of flying insects
03.11.2010 CITEC Club
29.10.2010 Cognition as recruitment of reactive systems
27.10.2010 Integration of saliency and reward information for saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movements
26.10.2010 Using Behaviorally Relevant Spatial Representations for Static Scene Understandin
25.10.2010 feelabuzz – Direct Tactile Communication with Mobile Phones
25.10.2010 Learning from errors: Sensory-motor control disruption in golf putting
19.10.2010 Caregivers’ scaffolding for infants’ development: Insights from a constructivist approach
15.10.2010 Tag der offenen Tür / Open Labs Day
27.09.2010 Zwischenevaluation
27.07.2010 Scalable Document Collection Clustering
26.07.2010 Computational Models of the Fly Visual System
19.07.2010 Simultaneous moving and memorizing. Studying interaction of action planning and visual short term memory in action execution and action observation scenarios
19.07.2010 Using Dynamic Programming to Help Search for Reorderings
16.07.2010 Electric fish and active sensing
14.07.2010 CITEC Club, summer term 2010
14.07.2010 Probabilistic computational models of visual attention
12.07.2010 GradSchool Colloquium
12.07.2010 Representing actions through language
09.07.2010 "Der Weg zum souveränen Auftritt - Selbstpräsentation vor Publikum" - Workshop III
09.07.2010 Cognitronics: Is there a silicon way to neural networks?
09.07.2010 Computer Graphics Mini-Symposium
08.07.2010 "Der Weg zum souveränen Auftritt - Selbstpräsentation vor Publikum" - Workshop III
07.07.2010 Artem Belopolsky, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
05.07.2010 GradSchool Colloquium
02.07.2010 Improving Information Access on the Web: Challenges and Opportunities
02.07.2010 Computer Graphics, Audio, and HCI: Interdisciplinary Projects
30.06.2010 When are covert attention and saccade preparation dissociated?
29.06.2010 Real World Collision Avoidance for Humanoid Robots
28.06.2010 GradSchool Colloquium
25.06.2010 Accessing the Web of Data in an intuitive fashion
22.06.2010 Direkt Reingeschaut ... ins Forschungslabor - Interaktion mit Menschen
21.06.2010 Temporal order constraints on sentence comprehen
16.06.2010 CITEC Club, summer term 2010
14.06.2010 Situated Affordances as Learning Paradigm for Humanoid Robots Motivation, Challenges and Status
11.06.2010 Mining large dissimilarity data sets
07.06.2010 Hybrid Transformation Architectures for Context-Aware Mobile Devices
26.05.2010 Control your attention, control your mind
25.05.2010 On the Relation of Action and Perception
19.05.2010 Attentional processes in individuals with mental disorders: Results from four different eye-tracking studies
12.05.2010 CITEC Club, summer term 2010
11.05.2010 Language and Space
11.05.2010 Language and Space
05.05.2010 Target selection for saccadic eye movements in the presence of distractors
30.04.2010 The Evils of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing
21.04.2010 Does covert attention speed up information processing?
19.04.2010 Hannover Messe (HMI) 2010
15.03.2010 Vision in Human and Machine
02.03.2010 Guest Talk
22.02.2010 Investigating multi-cellular growth for evolutionary computation
05.02.2010 Psycholinguistics
03.02.2010 Klausurtagung
03.02.2010 Eyes Right! Inhibitory processes revealed through studies of eye movement trajectories
29.01.2010 Phonetik und Phonologie
29.01.2010 Cognitive Interaction Technology from a Phonetician's Perspective – an Overview
29.01.2010 Fast volumetric reconstruction from X-ray projections
27.01.2010 How is working memory working?
22.01.2010 Cognitive and Clinical Studies of Language and Interaction
21.01.2010 Intonation and information structure in child and adult German
20.01.2010 Visual attention and the brain: TVA-based patient studies
15.01.2010 Task-based Control of Vision
14.01.2010 Incrementality and prediction in human sentence processing
13.01.2010 The intimate coupling between attention and action
08.01.2010 Mechatronics of biomiometic actuators
07.01.2010 Fun with Fonts
07.01.2010 The influence of robot gaze on spoken language comprehension
17.12.2009 Multi-modal integration in language comprehension
11.12.2009 Active tactile exploration in insects
11.12.2009 Beispielbasierte Augen- und Mundbewegungen mit 3D Morphable Models
10.12.2009 Overt and covert attention in the visual-world paradigm: Evidence from "flickering cake" detection
09.12.2009 CITEC Club
04.12.2009 Text-technological analysis of linguistic networks
03.12.2009 Body-specificity of language and thought
02.12.2009 Gaze behaviour when performing and observing object manipulation tasks
30.11.2009 1st Research Retreat, Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology
28.11.2009 Eye guidance in natural behaviour
27.11.2009 Gender and Emotion in Cognitive Interaction
26.11.2009 From laughter to slaughter: Detecting and responding to positive and negative words
25.11.2009 Brain mechanisms for ultra-rapid decision making
19.11.2009 On alignment
12.11.2009 Neural correlates of learning a novel vocabulary
06.11.2009 Experimental Neurolinguistics
05.11.2009 Gaze projection: Examining the advantage of knowing where a speaker is looking
30.10.2009 Representing Changes – Deformation Methods in Evolutionary Design Optimization
29.10.2009 Emotion is prioritized over cognition in attentional guidance but not in recognition processes
28.10.2009 Adaptive control of attention and gaze in the natural world
23.10.2009 Active Vision: Strategies and neuronal mechanisms of spatial orientation behaviour in insects
23.10.2009 High-Quality Reconstruction of Static and Dynamic 3D Scenes
22.10.2009 Local syntactic coherences, and the representation of language in the mind
21.10.2009 CITEC Club
01.09.2009 Robot Programming by Demonstration - A probabilistic approach
24.07.2009 Language and Cognition
23.07.2009 Computer Graphics Mini-Symposium
17.07.2009 Enhanced Neural Modulations during experiments with Brain-Machine Interfaces
15.07.2009 CITEC Club
15.07.2009 On the Influence of Theory of Mind Processes on Simon and SNARC effects
10.07.2009 Sociable Agents
08.07.2009 Embodied vision: The role of attention in visual perception
07.07.2009 Multimodal Spatio-Temporal Annotation with ANIVIL
03.07.2009 Brain-like Intelligence inside – towards autonomously interacting systems
01.07.2009 From neural processing models to cognitive vision for robotics
26.06.2009 The Ambient Intelligence Group – An Overview
24.06.2009 CITEC Club
24.06.2009 A Boost & Bounce theory of attention: Ditching the soup stone
19.06.2009 Dynamic Geometry Processing
17.06.2009 On the visual basis of space perception: From isomorphism to a sensorimotor account
10.06.2009 Visual signals for smooth pursuit eye movements and perception
06.06.2009 Overt visual attention under natural conditions
02.06.2009 Open Up Your Ears Asimo! - Headset free speech interaction on a humanoid robot
29.05.2009 CoR-Lab - Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics
27.05.2009 Grounding attention in action control
20.05.2009 Parametic assessment of attentional capacity and attentional selection: psychophysical, neuropsychological and pharmacological data
15.05.2009 Mechanisms of cognitive control: What you set is what you get.
13.05.2009 The many pathways to visual selective attention
06.05.2009 CITEC Club
06.05.2009 Is emotion a powerful attention attractor?
29.04.2009 Visual selection by salient features: A computational model derived from human evidence
22.04.2009 Transformation Rules in Tool Use
15.04.2009 CITEC Club
09.07.2008 CITEC Club
04.06.2008 CITEC Club
21.05.2008 CITEC Club
23.04.2008 CITEC Club