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New CITEC Building

Interdisciplinary research has been a hallmark of Bielefeld University from its very beginning – more than four decades ago. The idea to have all disciplines under one roof has worked out in terms of short communication pathways and a seamless scientific interaction between researchers who are rooted in different faculties. As a result of these processes, the CITEC initiative started with 15 research groups and – up to now – has brought together 37 groups that operate about 35 laboratories. To further optimize its infrastructure CITEC developed a detailed plan for a larger, dedicated research building that has been carefully tailored to the needs of CITEC’s long-term research agenda. The concept has been submitted within a dedicated funding line provided by the German Federal Government and the Federal States. Acknowledging its exceptional quality, the concept was ranked first among 100 competitors by German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) and received funding of 32 million euro.

The construction of the research building “Interactive Intelligent Systems“ started in January 2011 and finished in April 2013. It is positioned as a central element of the new Campus North. This is a large area in walking distance to the university main building. The research building will provide 5,300m² of space including a laboratory landscape of 1,300m² that is mainly organized around a central laboratory on the ground floor. This enables a new level of cooperation and interaction between research groups. Technology can be more easily transferred between specialized and integrated setups. Instrumentation can more effectively be shared (e.g. EEG laboratories, motion capture systems, sensor-actor rooms, etc.). The central laboratory will host a highly integrated instrumentation environment that allows to simulate and to capture cognitive processes in high-resolution using virtual environments, capturing technology, and physical robotic platforms. A further special feature of the building is an integral residential apartment for experiments in domestic settings. It combines service robotics with ambient assistive living elements and provides a realistic environment for interaction studies with humans. The ‘Central Lab Facilities’ (CLF) have been founded as dedicated scientific unit that maintains and further develops this exceptional research infrastructure.

The research building hosts 17 research groups from the disciplines of informatics, engineering, linguistics, psychology, and sports science.


Facts and Figures:

  • Period of construction: January 2011 - April 2013
  • Main area: 5.200 m², incl. 1,300 m² laboratories
  • Gross floor area: about 14,829 m²
  • Project costs: about € 32 million
  • Offering of space for 17 out of 37 research groups from 5 disciplines
  • General planner: CARPUS+Partner AG, Aachen
  • It is a central element of the new 'Campus-Nord' of Bielefeld University


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