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CITEC Summer School 2013:

On the topic of

Continuous learning in living and artificial systems

will take place on 9-13 September 2013 at CITEC, Bielefeld University, Germany.


Abstract: Continuous learning in living and artificial systems

In contrast to living organisms gaining knowledge continuously to adapt to a changing environment, artificial systems typically learn in a non-continuous way during a limited period of time. In fact, most artificial systems learn in batch mode, being heavily pre-trained to react to a set of previously specified situations. It is the developer of artificial systems who decides when learning starts and stops.
In the 4th CITEC Summer School, our goal is to understand better the principles of continuous, incremental and life-long development from the point of view of different disciplines including but not limited to: biology, psychology, linguistics and computer science.
The summer school will bring together internationally experts from these field to discuss the principles of learning in living systems and how these principles can inform the design and development of adaptive and flexible artificial systems that learn continuously and in an incremental way over longer periods of time.
We offer keynote talks by the internationally renowned experts and free discussions with them lead by CITEC-groups’ leader working in the area of memory and learning. Furthermore, CITEC scientific and industrial partners will join us to provide a broader view on continuous learning and how it can be and is already implemented in current approaches for building new technologies. 


Speakers 2013

Please learn more about the external and internal keynote speakers here.


Teaser on radio hertz 87,9 Campusradio für Bielelfeld, ImPuls,18.06.2013, Lennart Oberbäumer & Claudia Muhl.

CITEC Press release, July 2nd.

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