Research Projects

CITEC comprises a number of interesting research projects:


Project Title Acronym Research Area(s)
Action representation and focus of attention in the perception of intentions, events and objects ACTREP A, B
Interactive Safety ActSafe C
Analyzing learning, interaction, and automatization in speed stacking ALIAS B, D
Action selection based on multi-modal anchoring ANCHOR A, D
Brain oscillations and synchronization during language processing and action instruction BRAINSYNC C, D
Cognitive Aspects of Verbal Interaction CAVI C
Closed-loop Auditory Interactions CLAINT A, B, C, D
The cognitive structure and control of full body movements - experimental analysis and computational modelling COBOMOV A, D
Cognitive and Neural Correlates of Interaction Processes CONEURIP B, C
From Cognitive Representation to Technical Synthesis of Manual Action CORTESMA A
Adaptive Dialogue Coordination for Sociable Agents DIACOSA B, C
Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction DIDI D
Learning Feedback in Intelligent Tutoring Systems FIT D
Investigating Flying Insect Navigation Strategies: Computer Modeling and Robots FLINAVS A, B, D
Human Interactions in Complex Environments HICE C, D
Imitation Mechanisms and Motor Cognition for Social Embodied Agents IMoSA A, C, D
Knowledge Enhanced Embodied Cognitive Interaction Technology KnowCIT C
Local Visual Homing using Adaptive Optic Flow Algorithms LOVIHO A
Mathematical analysis of urban spatial networks MAUS C
Memory systems of humans and machines - Comparability and transfer possibilities MEHME D