Central Lab Facilities (CLF)

The Central Lab Facilities are a special feature of CITEC. As a central scientific department, they promote the collaboration of the research groups involved in the Center of Excellence and provide vital support for research questions.  The CLF group is further working as an interface to university services such as the Bielefeld University Library,  the Service Center Medien, the Computing Centre, or the Computer Support Group of the Faculty of Technology. The areas of operation of the CLF can be subdivided into different parts, each of which provides a seed for initiating and facilitating the cooperation in strategic research fields of CITEC. They are

Cognitive Interaction (CI) Empirics Lab

FlobiThe CI Empirics Lab enables the realization of empirical studies with demonstrator-systems and is available to all the members of CITEC. The overall goal is to provide possibilities for combining different technical solutions and setups that are otherwise distributed over individual labs. A further focus is on the exploration of appropriate benchmarks for artificial cognitive systems.

Demonstrator Engineering

FlobiWithin CITEC a larger number of research platforms are developed in four major interdisciplinary sub-domains (bio-inspired actuatorics, interactive teaching, social interaction, sensitive environments). Demonstrator Engineering support this process by the development of concepts, solutions, and implementations that realize an inter-operability of platforms, a re-use and portability of components, and an availability of demonstrator systems for empirical research questions.

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Toolkit Engineering

source codeIn order to ensure a coordinated and sustainable development of research prototypes, Toolkit Engineering supports the process of implementation and maintenance of software components with the general mission to form a concise Cognitive Interaction Toolkit. This provides researchers with re-usable, modular building blocks, system frameworks, and tools that leads to a more effective research cycle promoting cognitive interaction technology and to more sophisticated possibilities for empirical studies.

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Service Infrastructure

FlobiThe CLF are open for all researchers in CITEC. In order to provide a scalable support, it operates and further develops several infrastructure tools. One particular solution is a collaborative environment linking website content, social networks, and project management tools with software repositories and continuous integration services. Further services provided by the CLF are related to research data management, special computing hardware, capturing technology, web services, video production, and software licensing.

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Contact Information

For more details please contact the CLF staff via clf-info'at'cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de or visit the CLF staff website to directly contact one of the members.