Graduate School - Multidisciplinary & International

Scientific Career Advancement

The Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology at CITEC prepares young researchers for an advanced scientific career. Diverse measures are employed to enable our PhD students to take their own first steps towards a successful scientific practice and fruitful exchange. Postdoctoral fellows are involved thoroughly in our high-level research, and we provide them with a close network of international cooperation partners.

Our current members have an academic background in the fields of Biology, Biomechanics, Computer Science & Robotics, Cognitive Sciences, Linguistics, Music, Physics, Psychology and Sport Sciences. Being closely embedded in their working groups, the regular interdisciplinary cooperation helps them expand their overall comprehension of the current intelligent systems research and development in a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines.

The international study program offers excellent conditions, including structured milestones and interdisciplinary events. 


Claudia Muhl
Graduate School Manager
Room: 0.222
Phone: +49 521-106-65 66
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