Universität BielefeldCITEC

Cognitive Interaction Technology - Center of Excellence

CITEC pursues a three-fold mission: creating cognitive abilities in technical systems from everyday devices to humanoid robots to make them more useful, more friendly and easier to interact with for lay people, advancing our scientific understanding of the principles and mechanisms that enable seamless cognitive interaction, and, ultimately, creating bridges between the cultures of engineering and humanity to better shape tomorrow's technology according to human needs.

To fulfil this mission, CITEC is drawing on a highly interdisciplinary approach, bringing together the ideas of researchers from computer science and robotics, from linguistics, from biology and physics, and from psychology and sport science. Their methods combine analysis of behavior and brain function in animals and humans with synthetic approaches utilizing robot platforms to test hypotheses about cognitive architectures that can integrate perception and action, and that enable novel applications based on the replication of cognitive abilities in technical devices that learn and adapt to their users.

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